Learning the many Shadow of the Colossus Agro Tricks will allow you to get the most out of your trusty steed.

Fed up with Agro taking its time getting going or coming to a halt? Then learning the below button commands can be a bit of a game changer. By performing the below, you’ll unlock the Trick Rider Trophy.

Shadow of the Colossus Agro Tricks list

Here’s how to perform every trick Agro can pull off. Note that many of these ‘tricks’ are actually just really useful manoeuvres – such as starting and stopping – though it’s always nice to pet Agro from time-to-time.

Quick Start

From a standing start, pull back on the left analogue stick and press Triangle at the same time to bolt into a sprint.

Quick Stop

While sprinting, pull back on the left analogue stick and press Triangle at the same time.


Quick Turn

From a sprint, pull back on the left analogue stick and tap Triangle twice, causing Agro to perform a 180 turn at speed. This is probably the hardest trick to pull off, since you can accidentally pull off the quick stop instead.

You’ll know when you get it as the turn is quite dramatic.


Cliff jump

If you approach a short cliff that Agro can jump and survive from at full speed, then it’ll automatically leap from it. There is such a cliff right in front of the central temple, which is the perfect place to pull this off.


Standing on Agro’s back

When in motion, hold the R2 button (grab) and hold up on the left analogue stick to stand on Agro’s back. You can do this at a very slow pace if it helps.


Lean on Agro’s side

When in motion, hold the R2 button (grip) and the X button, then hold left or right on the left analogue stick to lean out on Agro’s side. Note you need to do this on both sides for the Trick Rider Trophy.



Stand next to Agro, and press the Square button to pet him. Make sure your sword is unequipped (press Up on the D-Pad) and stand in the middle for it to work. You can also do this while sitting on Agro. Either one will cause the Trick Rider to appear.

Royal blood
Gods, war, and the Queen Sacrifice.

Royal blood

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How to get the Trick Rider Trophy in Shadow of the Colossus

To get the Trick Rider Trophy, you need to perform all of the above once, or in the case of the lean, both sides.

If it doesn’t unlock, the ones worth repeating to be safe is the lean (again, you need to do both sides), the cliff jump (it needs to be a full leap at speed) and the quick turn (which is not to be confused with the quick stop).


If it then doesn’t, also try leaping from Agro at speed with a tap of the X button. We’re not sure if this counts as a ‘trick’ since it’s a simple move you’ve probably done dozens of times without thinking, but it’s worth checking off to be safe.

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